Physical Demands

It's been an exciting year, but it's also been a physically exhausting one. Never have I ever hurt, ached, vomitted, or feared for so much in my short measley exisistence. Every day has been a battle. I've grown up my entire life not being an athlete. For me, athletics were for larger people with missing chromosomes. Athletes I respected were often intelligible, graceful, and heroic. Athletes like Muhammad Ali and Kobe Bryant, Conrad Anker and Jimmy Chin; they seemed more like gods.

I've always dedicated my life to art and music. To me, there's been nothing else in my life that's ever been as important to me. However, as my craft pushes the position of where I stand, the physical demands grow steep like the mountains I wish to stand upon. The objectives get taller, the routes get longer, the hikes get harder. I am by no means a gifted athlete or explorer. But where I want to make my art, the few men stand who proud over their physical obstacles have worked very to be there.

Seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, to months I've labored and toiled climbing inside and outside. Pushing through physical limits by imitating my friends who are the world's best boulderers and sport climbers (climbers). As I've seen my bouldering strength and power increase, I've struggled to keep my sport climbing parallel to my progress as a boulderer. Pushing past the fear of falling and heights has been a daily battle.


Atop of needing climbing fitness to be able to enjoy myself with climbers of the upper stratosphere, I need an overall high level of cardio. My knees have never been great, thus I dread running. Hiking feels like an endless sweat-fest of walking uphill only to find myself bored from walking because I probably have A.D.D.

My physical training has me currently focused on the following

  • Climbing (4x week)
    • Sport Climbing
      • Mental Strength
        • Whipping/Falling
        • Climbing at your max/pumped
      • Power Endurance
    • Bouldering
      • Finger Strength
      • Campus Boards
      • Hang Boards
  • Cardio (3x week)
    • Hiking
    • Running

Comparing myself to those around me has been some of the hardest obstacles to deal with as well. I always fail to remember that these "friends" of mine are also world class athletes. Not being able to keep up on approaches can often hinder and endanger not only your safety, but that of the group's.

Telling myself nothing different than when I'm lead climbing and I'm scared, or when I'm top-roping and I dread the sensation of falling off because I'm too pumped;

“One foot at a time, one hand at a time.”