New Year, New Beginnings


Colorado Rockies, 6 am, 18*F. Michael Lim Photography 2016 ©

It's 3:50 pm on a Sunday afternoon. The light creeps in over the balcony through white french shutters. The double doors lay open and the smell of the ocean mixed with the scent of last night's rain on the pavement makes for one wave of nostalgia, a comfort I rarely get to experience anymore.

The family is downstairs. My brother, excited with the recent news of admission received from Stanford, Colombia, Carnegie Melon, and UC Berkeley he was happily at home working on his most recent purchase, a used U-HAUL truck he's converting into a mobile home. I asked him if the sliding door would be kept, to which he replied, "Of course, it's kinda got that urban design feel. Like Chipotle!" I bursted out laughing.

Dad, as usual, was fuming over a cigarette deep in thought about a recent mishap at work. Mom's cooking downstairs in the kitchen making preparations for dinner, all while I'm packing up yet again for another flight to Denver to work on another assignment. That's not to say I don't absolutely love Colorado, but it's somewhat like the  bastard step-child you feel guilty about not taking care of.

My dilemma is that it's cold, but most of my friends are there. It's beautiful, but it's nowhere near the ocean. There's always frost or ice on the windows of your car, you're always wearing thermal base layers, you look fat and everyone dresses like shit, no one I speak to on a daily basis grew up similarly, it's just not home.

However, I've attributed all of these thoughts to just being homesick. Since my last entry, I've been to Bozeman, Montana and took my worst set of pictures to date, I managed to ruin my friendship with my best friend by hooking up with her for the little time I was home, shot for the Colorado Board of Tourism, did a video shoot with Alex Johnson, climbed in Red Rocks and photographed Alex Honnold, photographed the 2016 Hueco Rock Rodeo, knocked out a killer photoset with Jon Cardwell and Chelsea Rude, and managed to convince La Sportiva to give me a paid shoot with Paige Classen.

Colorado Rockies, 6 am, 18*F. Michael Lim Photography 2016 ©

Needless to mention, the entire first week of this year was spent pitching for a full-length feature film focused on the amazing adventurers and explorers of our generation. We're hoping to begin principal photography and production, April 2016.

It's a struggle, as an artist, you want to be busy; busy means you're eating. I want to be busy, because it keeps my mind working without having to give thought to the other concerns in my life and it also lets me stay focused on my craft. When my work schedule is fully booked out, I go from assignment to assignment, with nothing other than travel logistics being my main stressor. Like most people, when I stay in a single place for too long, I get antsy, and as they always say, "Idle hands make for the devil's work."

Seeing places like Hueco Tanks for a second time or going all the way to Bozeman, Montana to find out that I'll never enjoy ice climbing were great experiences. No one ever tells you this, but the key to becoming a successful photographer is staying sane during your brief periods of rest between assignments.

Because I'd like to think that my photographs to a better job of telling a story than my words do, here's just some of the things I saw, people I met, and places I stayed for the past three months.