Along the Pacific Northwest Coast of Oregon on our way to Squamish, BC, Canada. Michael Lim Photography 2015 ©

Pacific City and it's horrible waves. Michael Lim Photography 2015 ©

After our departure from Lander, Wyoming, Ben had the burning urge to hit the sands of the west coast before making our way to Squamish, British Columbia, Cananda. Our drive took twelve hours just to reach our first stop at Pendleton Mills. As we continued through to Portland, we grabbed lunch at the permanent installation of food trucks in a downtown square. Covered in bridges and alternative culture, the city seemed great; but Ben and I couldn't stay in a city without being driven to madness after an hour.

Scuba divers in Oregon. Michael Lim Photography 2015 ©

That same day, we headed south down the coast towards Pacific City amongst the evergreen pines. I've seen a lot of trendy Instagram photos from the PNW featuring these beautiful scenes with extremely stiff and boring hipster-fashion donned on non-agency models with their backs to the camera; but I never thought the scenery was true to color. However, our plans were thwarted by bad waves and horribly-inconsistent and incorrect surf reports. While sitting on the beach after trying to find even one good set, we met two freelance photographers and videographers.

Needless to say, we eventually gave up and made our way to Seattle, Washington. Crossing the border was easy, and after driving through Vancouver, we finally arrived in Squamish to shoot with the professional climber, Jamie Finlayson as a freelance assignment from PETZL. When you finally arrive in Squamish, The Chief, a staggering 1500 ft. of vertical rock stands proud waiting for climbers to move up it's beautiful lines. The parking is at the base of The Chief and facilities are easily accessible. The bouldering grades are stiff and there are very few "softly-graded" problems. There's an incredible amount of easy and hard traditional climbing as well as a wealth of sport climbing; arguably the most beautiful single pitch sport climb resides at this world class destination.

Jamie Finlayson, Anubis (v6), Michael Lim Photography 2015 ©

Sadly, I won't get to spend as much time here as my brother. My assignment with Jamie Finlayson wrapped and with my invitation and plane ticket in hand, I'm on my way to reunite with Dave Burleson (PETZL) who has graciously invited me to come to Outdoor Retailer in Salt Lake City. Outdoor Retailer is a week-long trade show for the outdoor industry to showcase to industry buyers newly developed products. I am excited to meet more of the marketing department at PETZL as well as spending time with my friend Dave, as well as meet a few of the athletes in the future.

Though my deviation from the original plan of our trip is headed in a different direction, it's one that I could've only dreamed of. Every day, I feel I'm making steps in the direction that I want to head in. When I'm hanging off the side of a mountain at 10,000 ft, or I'm outside with friends who are the best in their field, I'm probably the happiest I'll ever be. To all my friends who've supported me, kept faith in me and urged me to continue my work, you've all helped me get to where I am today and there's still so much more to go! Know that I will never forget you and we are going to be working on projects together soon enough!

Ben Lim David Burleson Edwin Teran Jasper Chou Alex Lin

Jamie chalking up before getting on Ramen Raw, Squamish, BC, Canada. Michael Lim Photography 2015 ©