Sewing station number one at the Granola house.

Sewing station number one at the Granola house.

After meeting Brandon Fox and Gaby Enos of JustGoClimb in Rocktown, Lafayette Georgia and having a successful day of collaboration through filming and rock climbing, we decided we'd head back into Chattanooga for the evening. The next morning before heading back out to Rocktown, Ben and I were devouring the spicy chicken udon bowls at Farmer's Daughter when Cody walked in by coincidence and tapped us on the back. He asked us what we were up to for the day and we told him, "We're headed to Rocktown, want to hop in the truck?" to which he replied, "Of course!"

Preparation and cutting table.

With our last day of the season at Rocktown, the five of us headed back to Chattanooga to celebrate Cody Grodzki's birthday with Champy's Fried Chicken & 40s. There, we met the two brothers of Granola, an outdoor and climber's supply company specializing in sustainable-organic-handcrafted-American goods.

We believe and stand behind what we do, so repairing goods for customers was a must. - Conner

Conner and the signature Orange Hat.

The office and sewing room.

Granola's fabric shelf.

Needless to say, their products, lifestyle, and hospitality were beyond compare. The brothers started with a single sewing machine two years ago, and with diligence and hard work have come to produce some of the toughest and coolest gear in the industry. Their offerings include day packs, climbing backpacks, custom chalk buckets (pots) and chalk bags, a signature orange hat, tee-shirts, a campgrounds coffee kit, and all sorts of accessories to make your weekend outdoors a little more hip and little more organized.

Granola has gone onto win an award for Start-Up of the year in Chattanooga, and have found their products shipping to a wide audience across the globe. We tried our best to convince them to get out to Red River Gorge, but sadly we were turned down due to high volume of orders that've been coming in.

As their production grows, the brothers are having their recently purchased 1970s Airstream remodeled by a television show in preparation for their own tour across the United States in an effort to promote the brand, find new retailers, and sell units at rock climbing competitions. Believing in a grassroots marketing campaign, their goal is to continually earn the respect of it's target market, rather than spending money on marketing efforts through paid advertising.


Not much more can be said about these two entrepreneurial brothers who've come to deliver a solid, extremely durableresponsible, and handmade product that is backed with a guarantee to last. They have proven to be as cool as their product, and as big of an inspiration as some of our heroes.

So, as we travel across the country donning our own pair of recently christened orange hats, we know we'll be seeing these guys again and we wish them only but the best.

Kelsey sewing on his Consew.