The view from the edge of the waterfall at "The Window," in Big Bend National Forest, Texas.  Michael Lim Photography 2015 ©

The view from the edge of the waterfall at "The Window," in Big Bend National Forest, Texas. Michael Lim Photography 2015 ©

The hike back from "The Window" as the storm was blowing. Due to the drastic weather change while hiking, we now both have the cold. Michael Lim Photography 2015 ©

Our arrival in San Antonio couldn't have been more fortuitous. During our last night at the Big Bend National Forest, the cold front that has blanketed everything east of Colorado arrived while we were mid hike on our walk to the The Window. With our departure, we drove at speeds no faster than 60 mph over the course of over six hours, where we finally reached San Antonio and have taken refuge at the Flores' residence. Due to the nature of the cold front, it has relegated us to staying in doors and resting until our colds have passed.

Big Bend National Forest gets hit with the cold front that drove us out towards San Antonio. Michael Lim Photography 2015 ©

However, the stop in San Antonio hasn't been all that bad. I mean, sure, it's nearly unbearable driving in a large city full of potholes with traffic beyond compare due to accidents in the rain, and the assimilation back into populated societies are producing uncharted waves of anxiety, and the noise and light population make for lack luster evenings full of little adventure, while the cold hasn't let us do much more than climb indoors; but amongst all of this, it's given us a place to wait for mail as we prepare for even more extreme weather, save money on campgrounds and supplies, and given us a great chance to meet Flores' family.

So, if I may bestow any shared knowledge about how to be a great guest on the road while staying with a family, be sure to replenish their toilet paper, clean up all dishes in the sink regardless if they're yours, take out the trash when it's full, and keep your guest quarters clean. Any food you cook should be restocked for them at the grocery store, and lastly, limit your showers to no longer than ten minutes (It's not just common courtesy, it helps the environment).

The cold front making it's way through Big Bend National Forest. Michael Lim Photography 2015 ©