"Prada Marfa" being restored due to vandalism over the Valentine's Day weekend. Michael Lim Photography 2015 ©

Brendan H., give Baby Face (v7) boulder a run. Michael Lim Photography 2015 ©

Volunteers, Peter George, Patrick Bailey, and Alex Lin working the registration and raffle ticket booth during the 22nd Annual Rock Rodeo. Michael Lim Photography 2015 ©

Just as we were leaving Hueco Tanks, our friend Peter G. told us, "If you are even remotely interested in art and you're on your way to Big Bend National Park, you should visit Marfa." Our friend Brendan decided to also head in the same direction, and thanks to his guide, we decided to make camp at "El Cosmico." To little surprise, he was right, Pete was spot on. It's a fantastic little town with an estimated population of 2500 that rose to artistic intrigue after the introduction of Donald Judd.

Pink Hammer at a boutique store in Marfa, Texas. Michael Lim Photography 2015 ©

A small school on the road south towards Marfa. Michael Lim Photography 2015 ©

Just outside of Marfa, it houses the famous "Prada" installation, while the drive in will have you doing double takes as the buildings and clever signage presents itself. The town is unique due to it's abundant art galleries, studios, boutique shops, organic grocery stores, abandoned homes, recently built or renovated modern buildings built next door, small modern cafes and restaurants, completed with a set of train tracks and only a single traffic light that only blinks red.

After two nights at El Cosmico with Ben and Brendan, and venturing around Marfa, we made south for Big Bend. By the time we arrived, which was around mid-afternoon, the temperature was well into the eighties, and midway through our hike to "The Window," an intense cold wind blew in along with light showers. By evening, it had reached 28* F. In the morning we headed to the iconic hike alongside the river where massive cliffs stood left and right. The park is incredible, not only because of it's size, but it's grand presence. I can only imagine what it would look like if a cloud hadn't landed directly in the park.

Ben outside of the Big Bend Coca-Cola building. Michael Lim Photography 2015 ©

Ben at Big Bend National Park. Michael Lim Photography 2015 ©

 24* F by 9:00 am in Big Bend National Park.  Michael Lim Photography 2015 ©

24* F by 9:00 am in Big Bend National Park. Michael Lim Photography 2015 ©

  Carlos R. Flores.   Michael Lim Photography 2015 ©

Carlos R. Flores. Michael Lim Photography 2015 ©

When afternoon had come, we headed on our frozen drive towards San Antonio, reaching only a top speed of 60 mph due to ice on the roads. Our new friend, Carlos R. Flores, who we became close with at the Hueco Tanks Rock Ranch, offered us a place to stay in San Antonio. The drive took a near six hours, but after driving all through those freezing conditions, we have reached our destination. It is here where we will most likely remain until this cold storm passes, and it is here where I am writing from. However, once the storm blows over, we make west towards Austin to go climbing at Reimer's Ranch.