El Paso, Texas skyline looking into Juarez, Mexico. Michael Lim Photography 2015 ©

My brother Ben skating under the I-10 freeway facing into Juarez, Mexico. Michael Lim Photography 2015 ©

Freight trains on the border of El Paso are parked outside of abandoned industrial buildings. Michael Lim Photography 2015 ©

Abandoned industrial building in El Paso, TX, USA. Michael Lim Photography 2015 ©

After dodging a horrific car accident by a few moments, we continued to drive through the storm on the I-10 East where we arrived in El Paso shortly thereafter. Since our arrival here, we've visited our Uncle and have had an outpour of good omens despite our technical difficulties with the leak on the roof of our camper.

Our first night was simple and nothing too unexpected happened, but our second day in El Paso proved much more eventful. After an early start and a good breakfast at our Uncle's, we moved our vehicle across the street for some flat ground in the parking lot of a Christian Science Church to begin some caulk-work. About an hour into our repairs, a van pulled up into the parking lot and a lay minister came out and asked us what we were doing. We explained to him our endeavor and he began to tell us travels with his family. He told us that he was a former F.B.I. agent and that he had retired a few years ago to take up a post as a Lay Minister. Our conversation was extremely engaging and at the end he reached for his wallet; I thought he was going to pull out a business card so we can email him the progress of our trip, but instead he pulled out a $50 bill and insisted that we take it for our journey. I tried my best to not accept this amazingly kind gesture, but he wouldn't have it.

Because we're still waiting for our reservation at the Rock Ranch in Hueco Tanks, Texas, we had to fill our time, so what better way than to hop fences into rail yards, abandoned buildings, and skateboarding on freeway under passes on the border of Juarez, Mexico. Whilst climbing around the train upon our exit, the train began to move. While skating under the freeway, a police officer yelled something inaudible but was preoccupied with a person in the back of his squad car. In the words of the great Ice Cube, "It was a good day."